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Somewhere I Have Never Travelled

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Unit PG25
Year 5

Where do we go when we read? This pub, designed for Amsterdam’s city centre, aims to answer this, creating a bar residing in the metaphysical, that through its drawings invites you in, wherever you may be visiting the pub from. The pencil drawings emerge from data collected within the site at dusk, when the pub opens. Small devices constructed from black mirrors and poetic fragments were taken to the site at this time and created textual openings to it, using the fragments as locators. As the site darkened, the black mirrors became more intangible and only came to life out of the amorphous backdrop when aligned with the light from the surrounding nightlife. The data collected by these models at their points of activation became the information from which to tease out a sublime architecture dwelling in the textual world, activating the imagination just as reading does.

I invite you now to look at the drawings and in visiting and revisiting them, entertain you and draw you in to the pub. The drawings become a condition of entry to the bar, serving up cocktails both intoxicating and delicious to the imagination.

2.5D Drawing

A drawing which exists both in the physical and the intoxicated. It dips in and out of 3D and 2D explorations of the textual body of Amsterdam.

Situated Poetic Device

Poetic fragment that controls the entry of light into the bar hijacking the light of the surrounding nightlife.

To the Bar from the Bathroom

The drawing acts as a pathway between the bar and the bathroom. The forms follow the movement of a door opening out into the main bar.

Drinks at the Bar

Here is where drinks are being served. The alternating perspectives intoxicate the viewer and induce a drunken state.

Journey Back to Your Table

After consuming a variety of intoxicating drawings and literature, this drawing acts as passageway back to your table after over-consumption, using markers of previous drawings as drunken wayfinding.

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23 June – 8 July 2023
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